Transfer lotniskowy od dla przejazdów z całej Małopolski (Krakowa) do Pyrzowic.

Ours company offer a special tour to Auschwitz Birkenau.


The customers are pick up from the hotel and take to Oświęcim, where is Museum Camp. There you can see the real everyday life of prisoners of the concentration camp in Oświęcim. This place is extremely important for the history of our civilization. Allows for a moment of reflection. It allows you to get to know a story that is often misinterpreted and interpreted in various ways. Visit this place and pay homage to the people who died there.

We offer a private tour straight from the hotel to the museum. The duration of the trip is 4 - 7 hours - including travel.
We also offer museum tickets and the assignment of a guide.

If you are visiting Krakow and you do not care about the history of the world, you must also visit the Auschwitz Birkenau Museum.
We invite you to a trip into the past.

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Tours to Auschwitz - Birkenau.

13 maja 2019

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