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In previous texts we have presented a number of possibilities that offer transport to the KRK and KTW airports. They result in many different issues and problems, sometimes advantages.

However, if you want a professional airport transfer service, choose the offer of a company that offers professional airport transfers. Such transfers are available both in delivery to the airport and in transport from the airport. Such services are available both at Kraków Airport John Paul II and the Katowice KTW International Airport.Door to door airport transfers offer, for example:- YesKrakow (YesCracow)- direct transfer- luxury transfers group- shuttle service- airport trans- 4 cracow transfer- welcome 2 cracow- Krakow transfer- 4 transfers- viptransfers- and other.

For natural reasons, however, we recommend services. Why? Because is available in Jaworzno, Katowice (ul. 3 Maja 22), at the Pyrzowice airport ul. Wolności 83, at the airport in Balice. is also available in the center of Krakow on ul. Rakowicka 10.Business addresses are not stops. Passenger pickup locations and destination creates a passenger indicates where and where he wants to is better than the above because it has a very flexible offer tailored to the needs of transport to the airport in Krakow, as well as transport to the airport in Katowice.Airport transfers offered by are guaranteed and are carried out by experienced drivers. Transfer to the airport takes place in comfortable conditions.

When planning a transfer to the airport or from the airport, choose to have a guaranteed transport at a good price.

As you had the opportunity to read earlier, transport to the airport by public bus, train or taxi or Uber and bolt are not the best solution.Is this a cruise bus?Several companies offer transport services to the airport in Pyrzowice. These are public transport services, and the companies that provide transport from and to the Katowice Pyrzowice airport are:- Matuszek- ExpressPyrzowice (Express Pyrzowice)- FLIX BUS- cosmobus


This is a very interesting service, offering direct connections from Krakow to the Pyrzowice airport, you can use their services if you want to get to Katowice from the airport. However, they have some disadvantages. The vehicles of these carriers drive slower, which means that the journey time is up to 2 hours, which results from the route, speed limiters and stops. For this you must be prepared to wait before starting the journey towards the airport. And if your plane lands in Katowice, you are not sure that these transport vehicles will be available. Then you may have a problem and access from Pyrzowice to Krakow may not be possible.Matuszek BUS, EXPRESS PYRZOWICE and FLIXBUS services will be provided to all those who live in the center of Krakow and want to get to KTW or from this Katowice Pyrzowice airport to the center of the capital of Lesser Poland.At Krakow airport, this type of service is only offered by FIXBUS and NEOBUS, but access to them is quite limited.That is why we recommend our airport transfer - the more that when traveling in 2 or 3 people, the savings resulting from the bus are practically symbolic or disappear because you need to get to the bus by a city taxi, then wait at the bus to the airport. Is it profitable to use the bus that transports people to the airport? Some will pay off for others, no.

And are other companies transporting to the airport apart from this in the next text.

If not Uber and Bolt then maybe a taxi?A taxi is a great option for those who are looking for reliable and fast urban transport here at now. There are, for example, iCar Taxi, Taxi Barbakan, Radio Taxi Wawel, Halo Taxi, MPT, Taxi Twos, Eco Taxi, Radio Taxi 919, Radio Taxi Mega and private non-affiliated taxis. Admittedly, corporations are recognizable and offer many vehicles and transfer to the airport. At the airport alone Krakow Balice Airport offers AIRPORT TAXI services, and at Katowice Airport you can meet TAXI Airport Katowice.Whereas in Silesia there are corporations such as Lider Taxi, Tele Taxi Katowice, Taxi Rondo Katowice, Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Taksówkowe, Echo Taxi and taxis not affiliated with corporations.Taxi is the service most often associated with transport known under the same name all over the world. Works great in urban conditions, where you can call a car with a driver on the phone, and after just 3-4 minutes you can start the journey. However, just like in Uber and BOLT you are not sure what the driver and car will come from, often the cars used on taxis are 15 or 20 years old, and the condition of even the younger ones leaves much to be desired, which is mainly due to the form of operation of these vehicles (during the day up to 40 - 50 people can get into the car). With such intensive use of the vehicle, driving to the airport with such a car may be uncomfortable. Also, the prices of taxi services are regulated, and most importantly, they depend entirely on the actual travel time and distance traveled, which may turn out that the cost of a taxi to the airport can be quite high.

And if the taxi drops to the airport, maybe public transport?Both in Krakow and Katowice you can get to the airport by public bus, but remember that ticket prices are not low, and you must get to the bus stop to go to the airport. A bus going to or from the airport will not wait if you are late and leave a problem. What's more, you have to adapt your ride to public transport, which is not convenient, and buses stop in uncomfortable places away from the terminal. From Krakow to Balice Airport you can travel by train, which runs between PKP Kraków Główny and Krakow Airport. However, this solution is just as uncomfortable as the airport bus.

And if not public transport, then what?You will read about this in the next text.

About our competition:The airport transport market is very rich. Many companies offer their services, which does not always translate into quality.How to get to the airport? The Internet comes with help. When looking for an airport transfer option, you can choose from many options.

Transport is offered by intermediary companies, i.e. the journey takes place in the carrier's vehicle, but ordering the transport to the airport is carried out through a foreign application, for example:UBER or BOLT (Taxify), the whole process seems simple and friendly, but when choosing to get to the airport you have to take into account that when ordering uber or bolt, you don't know what car will come. It may turn out that you cannot fit luggage into the UBER vehicle and the BOLT car will be small enough for all passengers. These applications do not offer an airport transfer service, which means that you cannot define your needs. You simply order the vehicle, but you are not sure which car will be substituted and whether the driver is suitably qualified specialists. All because ordering through the application limits the responsibility of uber and bolt. Although these companies seem to supervise their subcontractors in Silesia and Krakow, this supervision is not strong enough for the quality of services offered by uber or bolt to be great.When choosing transport to the airport it is definitely better to choose the service of a company dealing with it professionally, such as Transferis24.plUber and Bolt are a great budget service offering cheap transports that work well in the cities of Krakow or Katowice, but when traveling between the city and the airport, their quality and stability decreases significantly and exposes passengers to delays and other unpleasantness.Who else are we competing with? You can read about it in the next text.







Offer - check our transport services nasze




 provides passenger transport services from address to address (for example, from the airport to your home, business or hotel). Colloquially, the service is called door-to-door transportation.

We dedicate our airport transfers to everyone who wants to get (or leave) to the airport Katowice KTW International Airport in Pyrzowice (otherwise known as Katowice Pyrzowice Airport) and Kraków Airport. John Paul II in Balice (otherwise known as Krakow Balice Airport). It does not matter if you want to use the service in the city of Katowice, Kraków, Zakopane, Bielsko Biała, Bochnia, Częstochowa, Cieszyn, Gliwice, Kielce, Nowy Sącz, Pszczyna, Racibórz, Rybnik, Tychy, Ustroń, Wisła, Wodzisław Śląski, Żory and other.Our service is addressed to all, and above all people in the region of Lesser Poland and Silesia who want to get to the airport Pyrzowice or Balice.We also offer transport to the airports in Kraków and Katowice for the residents of Opolskie and Dolnośląskie, Podkarpackie and Świętokrzyskie.


In addition, we offer pickup for guests of the airports in Katowice Pyrzowice and Krakow Balice for companies and individuals. This is a service consisting of welcoming passengers at the arrival terminal. In this case (depending on the arrangements), the driver awaits guests with a plate (e.g. with the passenger's name or company name), then helps him with his luggage and escorts him to the car, where the airport transfer to the set destination begins.

We go not only to and from the airport. We also offer other journeys along the route indicated by the passenger. It depends on you where from where the ride will take place and at what time. In our offer you will also find round trips, including to Auschwitz, Zakopane, skiing, Wieliczka and many more.


We offer a wide selection of vehicles and additional options designed to make the airport transfer time easier.

Why the airport transfer with Because:

- you travel cheap, comfortably and directly to your destination

- it is a certain passenger transport service to or from the airport

- available to everyone

- gives the possibility of personalization (matching the needs of the customer)

- allows you and your guests to travel safely

- the ride is discreet and fast

- you don't travel with strangers like in BUS and liner vehicles

- you do not have to run around the city with luggage, reload them from TAXI to another bus

- You drive faster than the train to the airport

- You drive quickly to the airport

- a VAT invoice is issued for each journey

- it's cheap

- you know the price of the service in advance

- we do not charge you in the event of an airplane delay

- you can always be sure that the car and driver will be waiting for you at the right time

- we analyze each transfer and prompt you if you need to modify it

- Coming with us you do not explore the area with other passengers

- Your journey takes place at times convenient for you, not the company

- you do not pay extra for luggage

- the journey starts and ends exactly where you want, not at the stop at the other end of the city

- you can change or cancel your reservation for free
















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Pickups and transfers on Krakow Balice KRK and Katowice Pyrzowice KTW. Indyvidual taxis for best transport in Silesia and Lesser Poland.

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