Airport and business transfer, ramaint at your disposal, disposition, transport service for cracow and katowice.

Do you com to Cracow or Katowice and do you need smart and comfort or luxury transport?
We offer full transport service for business:

- premium or luxury cars for airport transfer
- business transfer

- disposition for hours
- remain at your disposal

- polite chauffeurs

- exclusive service for transport

- the drivers speaking in English

- cars like a Mercedes E-class S-class or V-class or BMW 5 and 7 series


Polite chauffeurs and luxury cars for business transport service. Airport transfer, disposal, disposition. In Cracow and Katowice (Silesia). Mercedes V (Viano) Mercedes E Mercedes S BMW 5 and 7


We working for companies and corporations. Our service is avalible for managers,


We offer  businnes transfer making by elegant driver in comfort cars. The chauffeurs speaks in english very well. Top prmium transport service


Our offer is addressed to private individuals, managers, directors, and persons servicing management delegation.We also guarantee celebrities, stars, businessmen and lobbyists.

By performing our services we guarantee discretion and a sense of luxury.We avoid publicity. For us it is important that you can rest, do your business, go unrecognized from one place to another.

Comfort cars for businnes transport service in Cracow and Katowice. Mercedes, BMW, VW, Audi - private drivers.


Providing maximum discretion, we offer pickup directly from the aircraft as well as private passport control or private check-in.The service you order from us is fully personalized depending on your requirements and expectations. We adjust the level of service to the rank of guests we serve.


Limo service in Cracow and Katowice. Special transfer to Courtyard by Marriot, Raddisson, Sheraton. Exclusive transfer from / to airport.


We have extensive experience in servicing state delegations, organizing transport during concerts, servicing company and corporation delegations, as well as working with individuals (businessmen, managers, CEOs).Each order is carefully verified and refined in every detail. We do it for your comfort and safety.


We want high quality service. This guarantees that you will be satisfied with cooperation with us and that you will want to continue cooperation.

More about our offer:- pickup of people and VIPs from airports- transport to the hotel- transport to airports- representative vehicle columns- trips to the fair- VIP trips- remaining pending instructions- being at your disposal- 24 hour service and 7 days a week- transport of documents- organization of VIP tracks at airportsand many others.We invite you to cooperation.


In Cracow Airport and Katowice Airport Comfort and luxury airport transfer with remain at your disposal. Transport service for business and politics, celebrity.






+48 694 072 390   24/h


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Business transfer & Transport Service

22 November 2019

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             - cash


             - MasterCard


             - VISA


             - on line payments    

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